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Children Safety

  • Be Safe
    Be Safe
  • Think Safe
    Think Safe

At Happiness Nurseries Group, We have: 

  • Safe toys selection (no sharp parts or splinters, painted with nontoxic paint, shatter-proof and easily cleaned.
  • Doctor visitor .
  • Full-Time Staff Nurse (Fully equipped nurse room & updated health records) .
  • Full -Time Cleaners.
  • Professional Security Guard.

Our Policy :-

Parents are asked to keep their children at home if they have any infection, and to inform us as to the nature of the infection so that we can alert other parents if appropriate, and make careful observations of any child who seems unwell.

If your child should require emergency treatment on or off the premises whilst in Playdays care, we will presume permission to treat as appropriate and nursery may call any available physician to examine.

Children with the following circumstances are not allowed to attend the nursery.
– Diarrhoea and/or vomiting.      
– Doubtful rash      
– Conjunctivitis      
– Infectious illness – for example chicken-pox, mumps or measles.      
– Fever or temperature of 101 degrees
– Fahrenheit or 38 degrees centigrade or over.

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